Success Stories

Gatorade Pods

At Omega Copacking, we are proud to have partnered with Gatorade to create a revolutionary way of dosing beverages with the development of Gatorade Pods, a significant step in the evolution of beverage offerings.

Our collaboration with Gatorade was marked by close cooperation, allowing us to fully understand their vision and requirements for the innovative Gx pods.

Drinkfinity Pods

We worked with Drinkfinity to deliver natural beverages based on a blend of dry & liquid essential ingredients contained in portable Pods.

Our commitment to providing top-notch packing processes keeps ingredients at their best.

Mighty Fluid

Our passion for copacking and packaging innovation drives us to help brands like Mighty Fluid achieve their vision.

This is how we brought their energy shots to life.

Our expertise in copacking enabled us to design the bottles based on the product identity. Sturdy and fun, ready to take risks!

Lotta Mola

We collaborated closely with the Lotta Mola brand team to fully understand their vision and requirements for their innovative concept.

Our extensive experience in copacking and packaging innovation for powdered beverages and functional ingredients allowed us to provide valuable insights on packaging materials, design, and production processes bringing Lotta Mola’s vision for the herbal beverages to life.