Lotta Mola

Say goodbye to boring old coffee and hello to Lotta Mola – the herbal and functional blend that’s shaking up your morning routine.

With a unique blend of herbs and natural ingredients, Lotta Mola provides a cool and refreshing alternative to your daily cup of joe. Its functional
ingredients are designed to give you a boost of energy without the jitters, making it the perfect choice for work or home.

With its delicious taste and aroma, Lotta Mola is sure to become your new go-to beverage. So why settle for a boring cup of coffee when you can have
a cool and amazing alternative with Lotta Mola?

We Developed The Perfect Formula

Lotta Mola’s plant-based functional ingredients are available in four delightful flavors, each featuring a perfect formula designed to deliver a natural, effective energy boost and a remarkable sensory experiences.

We Created The Right Packaging

In addition to our plant-based formulas and delicious flavors, we’ve also created the perfect packaging solution. Lotta Mola comes in convenient boxes of 10 packs.

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