Beverages & Process

At Omega Copacking, we specialize in developing and producing non-carbonated, preservative-free ready-to-drink beverages, as well as concentrated liquid or powder blends for beverage preparation.

Our customers’ products span various categories, including sports drinks, energy drinks, nutritional supplements, and flavored and juice-based beverages.

We excel at adapting established technologies to new applications, manufacturing platforms, and processes to meet your unique product innovation requirements.


Mini-bottles have emerged as a highly desirable packaging option, thanks to their unparalleled convenience. They allow for precise dosing, minimize product waste, and streamline consumption.

Mini-bottles are a versatile solution that can be used for ready-to-drink shots, as well as dilutables, and are ideal for direct-to-consumer business models.

Additionally, mini-bottles are an eco-friendly option that substantially reduce the environmental footprint when compared to traditional packaging formats due to their efficient use of materials.

Powder Sticks

Powder sticks represent an innovative and highly convenient solution for delivering powdered products. These individually portioned packets eliminate the need for measuring, making them ideal for on-the-go consumption or travel.

Powder sticks offer exceptional protection against exposure to moisture, air, and light, thus ensuring the product remains fresh and of the highest quality for an extended period.

As a highly cost-effective copacking option, powder sticks boast extended shelf life and tailored formulations that meet a variety of needs. They are the perfect choice for packaging powdered products in single-serving sizes.


We recognize that effective packaging encompasses more than just the primary container. Secondary packaging is equally crucial in safeguarding and showcasing your products.

To address this, we provide a broad array of secondary packaging solutions, including boxes of various types, materials, and dimensions, tailored to your distinct packaging requirements.