Drinkfinity Pods

What does Drinkfinity stand for?
Inspiration to take better care of our health, our lives and our world. Empowerment to drink in tune with how we live. Connection to a community of like-minded individuals.

Drinkfinity is a completely new and differentiated beverage experience. It is a breakthrough innovation of unique blends of natural essentials delivered in the most portable and sustainable way.

Leveraging our cutting-edge facility and advanced packaging technology, we were able to bring Drinkfinity’s vision for the pods to life, while ensuring that they met their high-quality standards and performance requirements.

At Omega Copacking, our expertise in copacking enabled us to create the Drinkfinity pods with durability, functionality, and compatibility with the different formulations.

Packaging for Retail

As a copacker with extensive experience in the beverage industry, Omega played a key role in helping Drinkfinity with the development of their packaging for retail, providing valuable insights and technical expertise to create a unique and functional packaging solution.

Throughout the development process, Omega provided continuous support and guidance, making adjustments as needed to ensure that the final product was of the highest quality.

Our passion for copacking and packaging innovation drives us to help brands like Drinkfinity achieve their vision and bring their products to market with excellence.

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